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As an inquisitive and active, young adult,  Taraneh Khajehnouri discovered and cultivated her passion for art when she started drawing class lead by the well-know artist Marie Chaillance shortly after her sixteenth birthday. Initially, she grew a special interest in realism and art theory followed by a number of mediums, with a focus on charcoal. 

    After leaving Iran in 1981, Taraneh studied at Eastbourne College of Art and Technology in the U.K. After her graduation and marriage, she immigrated to the United States in 1985. After settling down in the U.S, she continued her studies in Art at Oklahoma City University. She has created many masterpieces through her vision, and continues to dedicate a big part of her life to what she enjoys most. 

      Today, Taraneh finds particular strength in painting with oil while integrating her cumulative skills of medium mastery.

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